September 2020

September 2020

This dreadful Corona virus still appears to be having a devastating affect worldwide, however happy to
state Greeks have done their very best to keep it under control. Since the start of March we were
instructed to wear masks and at times gloves but there were no queues, or stockpiling and thankfully it
seemed to have worked although when tourism re started, deaths tripled to 256 plus over 6500 cases
were confirmed.
We are all hoping and praying, our beautiful island remains free of deaths…
Unfortunately missing the March TNR has caused a larger increase in kittens with many locals requesting
help, this we would love to do but with very few funds ( which is normal this time of year ) plus
temperatures hitting 42-50 everyday, it is not acceptable to put any cat through such a stressful situation.
Neutering will resume end of September – October, as long as flights are available for our TNR volunteers.

In the meantime we have had a great response from tourists of many nationalities who have very kindly
borrowed a carry case, caught cats, taken them to the vets and actually paid for them to be neutered ….
This we love !!!!!!

This dosent mean that GCWS have stopped, we don’t have a holiday we still continue to look for reported
sick or injured cats of which there are usually quite a few in summer, for this reason money is still needed
in the coffers and fund raising continues one way or another….

Raising funds for us is quite unusual during summer as the tax man is about, plus Health and Safety have
been quite aggressive with everyone installing yellow lines, instruction signs along with sections cordoned
off making it a little more difficult but support has been brilliant. Recently we started a monthly Book
Swap supporting different local venues and are very pleased to report, plenty of books are still being read.

Our sea glass pictures are still available in the UK from along with a new
sea glass paw design. The paw can be requested in a specific colour if available or the card behind, wording
will simply be the Cats name or RIP ( name ) perhaps in Memory of (name )
Not only will those two fantastic gifts be available for Christmas, we now have our very own GCWS-Rhodes
masks which may also be ordered from Emma, or purchased here if on holiday….
****** Every penny / cent raised is donated back to GCWS- Rhodes..******

One other fund raising opportunity which is a little different, set up by our close friend and cat lover Mara
from To Marouli, the only true vegetarian restaurant in Rhodes Town. This year she opened ONO a small

cafe/ bistro selling vegetarian snacks along with excellent Italian coffee, however finding a decent cup of
tea on the island is far more difficult and with that in mind Mara and GCWS founded a Tea Corner inside the
cafe, with 6 different tea leaf blends. EVERY cup sold being donated to our TNR program….
What a star !!!

As we come to the end of Septembers newsletter we would like to thank those wonderful people that
send us cat treatments and medications, this winter more than any other will be a struggle but together
with our friends and amazing supporters GCWS –Rhodes shall endeavour to get through it …
THANK YOU & until the December newsletter, Please STAY SAFE…