March 2021

Our Quarterly Newsletter

A new year and new website..

It is still a work in progress a few more tabs updated but the old newsletters are still available, with new reports every three months.

Once again the Covid virus caused us to cancel another Trap Neuter Return making that three important programs missed, desperately hoping flights and accommodation might be available for May or the island will be inundated with hundreds of kittens.

This doesn’t mean we actually stopped neutering, a great program we started a few years back whereupon locals may take cats to specific vets to be neutered works well, they donate 10e and we pay the rest plus volunteer feeders also catch cats, drop them off at the vets again added to our bill, this actually saves time and petrol money making it a WIN WIN situation..

Total to date for January / February is 105 strays sterilised.

Whilst feeding the volunteers sometimes find a few sick & injured cats, they are taken for treatment or  euthanised if  severely  injured..

Its notall doom & gloom, there is some good news ….

After two years of pestering and harassing Lindos ( Dimos ) council at long last they agreed to put 2 recognised feeding stations in the village.. We are hoping for more later but the Agriculture Dept issued feeder boxes insisted they could not be placed close to, hotels, schools, restaurants or archaeological sights which laughably is the whole of Lindos !!!!

The manager of the government dept asked for our help in setting up feeding areas in other villages and we were extremely happy to assist. There are now boxes placed in Kalathos, Pylona Lindos & Haraki with biscuits paid for by the council and delivered once a month….. Slowly slowly….

Regarding 2021, many hotels & businesses started renovating and refurbishing their properties back in January, everyone is hoping for a good season which includes us as our donation pots were down 70% however you our kind friends and supporters kept us a float and we are extremely grateful.

We even had a enough money to pay for this poor stray dog who desperately needed his coat to be shaved it was stinking and so thick it burnt out the vets electric razors… Thankfully we have 2 x sets which we offered, 1.5hrs later totally shaven and cleaned up, he has now been named Dino and adopted..

Yes we are a cat charity and we need the funds, but this was a sad and urgent case and feel positive you will all understand…

The year started with beautiful mild weather although a wet winter our temperatures still hit 26 degrees, then suddenly BANG down to 5 degrees early morning, 12 by lunch time but very chilly at night!!!!!

Three days later we were back up to normal February temperatures 19 -21 during the day…

As this newsletter is being written the Greek Govt have confirmed May 1st is the opening date of 2021 season, many of the business owners believe it will be slow start however reports from the UK show bookings are up and Greece appears to be 4th on the 10 best holiday list..

Fingers crossed, we have a Fabulous season and you will be back here enjoying everything about Rhodes, especially the cats..

Late news just in..

Once again, HUGE thanks to everyone that continues to support us.

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