June Mewsletter

June Mewsletter

Lets start off this mewsletter with good vibes as we managed after a very traumatic time taking care of little Lucky went to his new home in UK adopted by Gemma & Chris who found him at the age of 10 days. Tiny little soul had probably been dropped by his Mother as she was moving him, unfortunately 2 children found him instead of leaving him there for Mum to collect they took him into a restaurant thinking they were doing the right thing.. The Manager told them to return it as Mum would probably be looking for her baby, unfortunately Lucky was found by Gemma crying wrapped up in litter and other debris as he had rolled away from where the children had placed him. Gemma was beside herself and sent us a message, GCWS rarely deal with kittens especially babies that young as it truly can be traumatic, generally not ending well no matter how much love and attention given, if kittens don’t have the first weeks of Mums cholostrum they rarely survive..

It was touch and go for a few weeks, he started to blossom until out of the blue he swallowed something he shouldn’t have.

After 5 xrays , many vet visits and medications whatever it was appeared to dislodge. Pheeeww a sigh of relief until an eye infection!!!!!

Gemma received regular photos and was kept in touch all of the way whilst she started the adoption procedure, however that wasn’t going to go smoothly either…Big problems with paperwork and flights. Eventually he was flown later than planned to Manchester, collected and now living the life of luxury.


As always at the end of March- April we are out of funds and have to wait until donations come in to pay for the vet bills. This year we decided to attempt a new strategy by holding events right at the beginning of the season for a few supporters that arrive in May.,

Palm Bay hotel were extremely enthusiastic working with us to arrange the first ever May Lunch and as it happened to be the Coronation weekend we went overboard with all flags donated by Janet Pelzer & Lesley Morgan.

Over 40 people booked, we had a delicious choice of Lamb shanks or Chicken al a crème, with apple pie or chocolate cake both with ice cream…

Special cocktails and entertainment, all went down a treat.


Our next event was the coffee and cake morning which we really werent expecting to be busy. How wrong we were, the weather was overcast leaving tourists & supporters nothing to do. It was amazing seeing them all sitting around enjoying themselves, old friends catching up and new meeting CRAZY cat lovers… Fabulous morning, raising enough funds between the two events to pay some vet bills.


All the money raised from both events was spent within days, pregnant cats seem to be everywhere, worse the ages of them were between 4-5 mths babies themselves…

We also took in a known old girl Bella who resides at the hotel which actually offered the Christmas auction prize. One of our supporters who regularly stays there called worried about the lump she found under the cats throat. It turned out to be a soft tissue sarcoma, the vet was worried it would be too close to her oesophagus to operate but as Bella was struggling to eat she went ahead and managed to get most of it cut out…

This along with other trivial problems, skin allergies and wounds emptied the piggy bank, however it was well worth the effort and proves we could possibly do the same again next year..


Another way to help us raise funds is to purchase any of these high quality T shirts, choose the destination you would like printed, Pefkos – Lindos -Greece, the size and design for the front pay 25euro and it will be delivered to your door with a 5euro donated to GCWS-Rhodes..

Get your t-shirt here

Also the delightful glass fronted battery clock, great birthday or Christmas gift purrrfect for a cat lover… WIN – WIN


Lastly HUGE thanks to great supports Emma & Karl Hammon who visit here minimum twice per year bringing all kinds of desperately needed cat treatments, however this time they TRULY out did themselves as Karl spent many hours building our very own automatic trap!!!!

It is great and our volunteers cant wait to get their hands on it for the next TNR…

Once again we thank each and everyone of you for your amazing kindness and support in all our endeavours.. We wish you a fabulous Summer.