June Meewsletter

June Meewsletter

Summer is here and tourists are arriving in droves, hotels appear to be fully booked for the season along with all the hire cars here on the island. With tourists arriving it also means our wonderful supporters will be bringing most items we have requested, flea and worm treatments plus medications unable to be purchased here or perhaps too expensive. Feels like Christmas !!!!

In fact at times we have so many items we cannot actually use,ie pressure bandages, large syringes, plasters, human limb bandages and so on, we generally pack them off to the local clinics however this year two large bags were made up and sent to Ukraine, sincerely hoping they were of benefit to someone..

As per usual when the tourists arrive sick and wounded cats come out of the woodwork, absolutely no difference this year. We have already taken 6 x cats to the vet with horrendous cancerous ears, nose and mouth problems, these unfortunately could not be helped.. General wounds were dealt with whilst neutering, others kept an eye on by volunteers out and about feeding..

Since the February TNR and March newsletter boasting of our 5000th cat being sterilised, we managed to neuter another 54 cats many pregnant females which should help control the areas where collected.. Obviously it is impossible to trap all strays and we really don’t wish to decimate colonies tending to leave the heavier pregnancies to have their kittens so as not to destroy our beautiful Rhodian fur babies however we do need to keep them under control & manageable, however none of this is possible unless we raise funds to keep GCWS-Rhodes afloat.. Our donation pots are out and we hope they will be overflowing when collected in October/November..

In the meantime we prepare for a VERY HOT summer, making sure cat bowls or containers are filled with water, plenty of buckets close to businesses available for any thirsty animal . During the summer many deer come down from the hills looking for a drink, donkeys are found wandering around as are the local pigs, goats & sheep, the bigger the container the better.

Once again we would like to heap praise on those who continue to donate and support us.