June 2021

June 2021

Will they come,??? Wont they come??? Will they come ??? Wont they come???
That is the question on every ones lips

What a dilemma for so many !! .. Rhodes has suffered greatly as have many other tourist areas worldwide,
however the Old Town has been decimated many businesses have closed their doors never to reopen ..

Thankfully South of the island its a better story as many people own villas and stay for 3mths at a time or
rent out, this at least helps the communities local supermarkets, bars and tavernas. Last year was devastating for GCWS-Rhodes with donations down by 60%, however we managed to trap pay to neuter 479 cats and so far this year another 173 thanks to those kind supporters who bought items from us over the year, we were also able to help 25 volunteers by purchasing winter food for the strays..


Unfortunately we do not envisage 2021 being much better and with this in mind our great website designer
has built an online shop.. There are not many items and once sold they will not be replaced… If you wish
to order any of the products please email Emma click here

We will also hold as many table tops and book swap/ coffee mornings as possible to add funds to the
coffers. Recently the government allowed everyone a little freedom and we held our first book swap/ coffee morning at Lindos Reception, raising 509 euro naturally all spent at the vets within a few days..


For those of you that follow us on Face Book, you will know the problems we had trying to find Sir Kitler
( Pefkos iconic cat ) the little devil, he generally disappears for a few days however after 2-3 he is back
looking for food. This time after 2 weeks of no sightings volunteers were out searching when he was seen behind a wire fence encircling a hotel, however he could get out and being in a safe area we decided to leave him with food and water.

After another a week he disappeared again, this time for over 3 weeks !!!! Nowhere to be seen, none of his
local haunts, it was time to really worry as he is close to 15yrs of age and moves much slower.

SUDDENLY out of the blue and to our total relief he was seen wandering around Happy Friends bar and
pool grounds, the owners uploaded a video and there he was looking extremely well enjoying the fuss they
made of him…. We can only assume he found some cat lovers staying in their holiday home over Easter,
with no idea who Kitler was and the worry he caused….


Many of our donation pots are being placed around Pefkos and Lindos with a new shop coming on board by the name of KEDIMA. They sell household items plus beautiful lace along with these fabulous embroidered cushion covers 18” x 18” (45 x 45) and have offered us a donation on each one sold.

If you are coming on holiday pop in 2 nd shop along from the donkey station mention GCWS and they will
place 5e in their pot, if in the UK and would like to order one at £25 inc pp, please write in comments
allowing at least 6 weeks for delivery…


Before we finish this newsletter, we have Good News regarding the Haraki bridge that crashed down in 2019, it has been totally rebuilt, strengthened and tarmacked. GCWS are hoping along with many others here on the island the tourist market will pick up, your old friends, businesses, relatives and stray cats are waiting for you. Kalo taxidi

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