our coffee & cake morning at the newly founded Toy Museum in Archipoli, in actual fact even though a fair drive up in the hills was great fun and quite successful, sun shone brightly, we had a terrific turn out managing to raise 297euros.

Second one particular Greek family who popped up from Kalathos where we have neutered 206 cats, arrived for their first ever fund raiser enjoying themselves so much they decided to door knock contacting every cat lover in their village, raising another amazing 350euro !!!!

All the funds raised and donated paid for a flurry of neutering, 8 in Old Rhodes Town a few in Lardos, Lotheirika and Gennadi. Dr Volker one of our long standing German vets regularly holidaying on Rhodes offered a free afternoon of sterilising. Not a great deal of cats around due to the hot weather although another unsuspecting 4 x were trapped, neutered and returned…

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