December Mewsletter

December Mewsletter

The tourist season is well and truly over although some hotels extended by a few weeks making it longer than normal, this delayed our TNR as it is far too difficult to work with tourists around. As this newsletter is being sent out we are not only trapping cats for neutering but catching others and saving their lives when badly injured.

We move on with good news that most of the poor badly injured cats rescued during the sason have found their Furever homes. Olive who was badly burned, then found to have pellets embedded in her shoulder is now living a life of luxury in Wales. Feta the timid white kitten and Queenie both found beside Olive have been offered homes in Lindos. Bill and Ben the gingermen crazy twin kittens, have also been adopted and living in Germany.

Our first Coffee and cake morning in over 18mths was held at a lovely new venue, Palm Bay hotel in Pefkos . Great views, fabulous supporters, lots of tourists, loads of raffle prizes and of course delicious cakes. Great day was had by all, in fact the owners were so happy with their bar results they have invited us back for May…

Some more good news as the mayor of Kalathos a village down South has accepted our offer of putting CAUTION CATS CROSSING signs up on their main road as it is like a speedway.. Every year over 20 cats and kittens die, last week no different with 4 killed in 4 days, one cat deliberately hit luckily didn’t die but has a broken leg and is here being taken care of until she can be placed somewhere safer.

Before we close on this newsletter please remember if you still have gifts to buy , holidays to book or homewares do consider purchasing through to raise a donation for GCWS – Rhodes or how about one of our smart T shirts, perhaps |even this lovely clock

As we come to the end of 2022 we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy 2023. Thank You all for your continued support.