December 2021

December 2021

Tourists have now departed the island but even after such a bad start, we were inundated, hire car companies rented every single car owned making the roads busier than we had seen before restaurants and bars were packed out basically allowing businesses to recoup money lost from earlier months..

We also found our donation pots to be as good as 2017 allowing us to start a few days of neutering earlier than usual. Two of our wonderful volunteers Emma and Sharon came on holiday spending 3 days trapping and sterilising 21 cats in Lindos.

Our vet friend Volker from Germany plus Julia a Vet Nurse and regular visitor to the island both offering assistance at the beautiful Skiadi monastery which had been overrun with cats. After two days of setting up, one pleasurable day of neutering, another of closing down every single cat even an escapee Giselle were sterilised along with being treated for worms and fleas.


A few more cats per day were neutered using the local vet plus a few sickly fur babies taken in along the way until we started our November TNR….

Simply amazing, the volunteers worked tirelessly, up and down cobbled streets in Lindos carrying HUGE Toms that appeared to be coming out of the woodwork with many having nasty wounds, all were treated and returned. Early mornings and late nights everyone was out trapping and carrying cats well over 6kgs each, finishing up after 5days neutering 118 cats.. Bravo everyone Fantastic achievement.


Following the TNR we some how managed to hold a Table Top to raise funds to pay the bills for cats neutered. Not so many people turned up due to the covid restrictions but those that did certainly spent their money with the BBQ going down a treat.


During the last few months of the season whilst the weather was much cooler many GCWS friends and supporters arrived , although we couldn’t get to meet everyone we did our very best and would like to thank Tom and Joanne De Remer, Emma and Karl Hamer, Janet Pelzer, Julia Kim Walton,Julie Nanny Doodas, Dominque Aarts, Sandra Mueller and last but not least Edith and Paul Koestal, for one reason or another you were all amazingly kind and generous sincerely helping the charity to keep neutering…

On that note GCWS -Rhodes would like to wish our Friends, Supporters
and Volunteers a Merry Xmas.

If you still haven’t purchased that special gift we have 5
beautiful solid silver Cat Paw pendants left@ £25 each inc UK
insurance and postage, please contact Emma –


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