December 2020

December 2020

As we come to the end of Annus horribilis  2020 we hope next year will definitely be better for everyone.

Tourism has been devastating worldwide, which for us meant far fewer donation pots were out than any other year, however we are very appreciative and grateful to friends and supporters who kindly sent money via pay pal, allowing us to start the winter feeding program.

In the past couple of weeks donations via pay pal have unexpectantly come in and we will now definitely be able to deliver meat & biscuits to our volunteer feeders, plus enough in the coffers to see us through the next few months..

We also surprisingly raised over 400 euros selling GCWS masks allowing enough funds to purchase our first food delivery, plus anonymous cat lovers donated extra food, however we shall still attempt table tops or car boots where and when police rules or laws allow.

October TNR was unfortunately not as affective as previous ones, far too many tourists remained longer , booking extra weeks due to flights being prolonged. This was obviously fortuitous for locals, certainly not for us searching for cats that were far too happy enjoying their extended meal service…

Aplolakkia village 53ks away from the clinic was supposed to be our starting point this TNR, two weeks prior we informed the demos , ( council ) printed posters written in Greek explaining as a good will gesture 8 carry cages would be delivered to the main office so as to neuter locals cats for FREE.. The baskets to be collected before the team arrived so villagers wouldn’t try to drag volunteers away when trapping bin cats…

Next day another 53ks there and back to collect 3 cats !!!! No one else bothered….

After speaking with the person who begged us to go there, pathetically it appeared to be a matter of “ Everyone thought GCWS would do it, even catching & collecting their pets “….

An absolute waste of time & money we could ill afford travelling 318ks, plus 150e for neutering along with petrol…. After discussions with the vet & team we decided to point out to the authorities in the village ,we were required elsewhere, Apolakkia was just not financially viable.

Asklipio village closer to the clinic was our next port of call ,everyone was exceptionally welcoming even assisting in catching cats…..

New areas not previously visited proved to be a little more fruitful, 60 more cats were caught, taking the amount over 3 years in that particular village to 215 neutered.

Gennadi the next village along was also visited, again with much appreciation even the police guided our trappers to where cats were hiding…

After a very frustrating week of TNR with absolutely no fault or blame on anyone, the total trapped and neutered was a mere 94 cats . Our wonderful hard working volunteers departed, however on the very same day Teresa from Cats Protection in Wales arrived on holiday with her husband Peter, they kindly offered 2 days to assist by catching a few more cats. We also spent a morning in Archangelos trapping another 7 taking our final tally to an acceptable 119 sterilised

In the following 3 weeks a few more strays were trapped mainly due to injuries and health problems, taking us to 129 however plans regarding volunteers returning for a TNR in Lindos, fell by the wayside with another UK lockdown.

The council board requested our assistance as the cats breeding is getting out of control, our funds would just not allow GCWS to cope with this TNR. . They kindly informed us they would happily oblige by providing accommodation which generally takes a large portion of our funds along with hiring cars, petrol plus essential sustenance to keep the volunteers going… Unfortunately Lindos will have to wait until early 2021….

With funds depressingly low and no Table Tops or car boots allowed, ideas were thrown around as realisation hit – money had to be raised somehow !!!!! The sea glass pictures were no more, masks worked as did the small amount of back packs but we needed something that would appeal for Christmas. *** CUDDLE KITTENS !!! ***

Contact was made with a few toy companies, some not particularly interested however UK toy manufacturers KEEL were VERY happy to assist. 12” CUDDLE KITTENS our Christmas idea has come to fruition…

Tabby, Black & White, Cream are available now at £12.50 inc pp, Ginger will NOT arrive until mid January

Please contact Emma gcwsemma@btinternet.comfor pay pal & bank details…

As we end this newsletter and say good riddance to an abysmal year we do have a little good news.

For the past 2years we have been in discussion with Lindos, Asklipio & Kalathos councils to provide OFFICIAL feeding areas.

The Greek Govt ruled new laws stating ALL strays must be fed plus it will now be a felony to harm any animal…. This is fabulous news along with feeding boxes the Rhodian Govt intend to issue once specific councils have been approved…. More news next year.

In the meantime we would like to thank EVERYONE for supporting us either by sending over medications, flea and worm treatments organising Go Fund Me pages, pay pal or general banking we are sincerely grateful…..